The “Mandela Effect” is the label which is being used to describe, until now, unexplained events whereby physical elements of our world are being “supernaturally” changed, on a daily basis, all around the world. The FACT that these events are occurring is undeniable. These changes are not limited to things in our world, but they are happening to the shape and position of the land masses of our very world itself. The most noticeable of these changes to the world itself is the size and location of Australia & New Zealand. The fact that Alaska has grown to about 40% of the total land mass of the USA is quite notable too. I would be remiss in mentioning those and not pointing out that the northern polar ice cap, including the land which was under it is gone. According to Wiki it was never there. The “North Pole” is only theoretical... and we apparently have 4 of them now. LOL
       The primary purpose of this website is to provide a source of truth and direction to the people who are experiencing the awakening via the Mandela Effect. If this describes you... welcome home... you are catching your first glimpses of reality. (Don’ worry it is gonna look a whole lot better soon) If you are new to the Mandela effect you are likely quite confused and maybe even a bit freaked out or afraid, depending on what you have seen so far. The first thing you need to know is that there is nothing to fear at all. You are likely also acutely aware that you cannot trust anything you have believed without retesting its validity and accuracy. This understanding is a key moving forward. You need to start focusing on feeling your heart/gut for guidance when making decisions. Intellect can only take you part way... never all the way.
       If this all sounds like bull-pucky to you, you are either here too early, or you are not going to come out of the transition on the right side. Your best hope at this point is to go and research the Mandela effect in earnest, outside of this site, until you have made your own decision as to whether there is any merit to this topic. Should you keep an open mind, trust your memories, and follow your gut, it will lead you back here. We wish you all the best but ask that you leave now, for your own good, if you are not yet awakened to the Mandela Effect. The information in here will truly only confuse you and likely reduce your chances of finding and accepting the real truth of your world moving forward.
       Congratulations to all you survivors who are still here in search of the truth. You should all be very pleased to know that the hardest part is over as far as the mental confusion. By the time you are up to speed on who is behind the Mandela Effect and what his purpose is, you will see it for what it is... the best news of your life.
       In order to explain the Mandela Effect to you we must make a quick stop in religion. Don’ worry we won’t stay long, we just have to pick up a few puzzle pieces which fit the bigger picture. While all of them come close to various truths, not even one religion got it right. Don’ celebrate yet atheists; you did not quite have it figured out either. To say you were wrong about there not being a God, may not be an accurate statement. You were right in that there is no God as portrayed by any religion. However, there is definitely a creator, who called himself Ty, when we met him. (We being my wife and I) Before you get all up tight you have to dispel any images or expectations you have of a religious God. This dude is actually way cool compared to the stuffy demanding God of religion. I unfortunately had him confused with the God of religion until July of 2014. From that day to this has been a most interesting journey of discovery and learning. As it turns out we were preparing to be Ty’s conduits for whatever he has planned moving forward. His plans, beyond waking everybody up, he hasn’t fully shared with us yet.
      Christians if it helps for now to relate Ty the creator to God the father, he can live with that but dislikes being seen as a deity by any name. Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Seeks, all religions on earth... forget your religion and understand one thing. There is 1 creator and he is of NO religion. He has made it clear to us that all bibles, holy books by any name, are complete fabrications to support the religion hoax. Christians before you run off offended know this. If you are not aware, many versions of your bibles have been modified by the creator of whom I speak, to prove himself to you. The KJV has been hit the hardest because as he put it, he had to start at the root. On the Religion page of this site you will find an Excel spreadsheet containing a few hundred verses that you should look up in your KJV bible. You will find that regardless of date of print, Ty has supernaturally altered the text in your book... your mothers book... yes even your grandma's bible. The changes were not only miraculously done but they destroy the salvation story and the deity of Christ, among many other doctrinally significant details. If somehow you are not convinced with those changes, you can find a couple thousand more through the links on the religion page.
      To those of you in other faiths I must apologize for my lack of firsthand knowledge of each of your holy books. There are only so many hours in a life time ;-) All though I have not witnessed it personally as I have in the Christian bibles, Ty assures me that he will be altering your books too so that everybody of all faiths will get to have their WTF moment so to speak. All people will soon come to a fork in the road where they will cop out and accept some ridiculous theory put forth by the people who have been deceiving them all along, or they will seek and follow truth to life. Real truth can only be discerned through the gut/heart. Question everything and listen to your gut. Trust nobody’s words, not even ours without getting it past your gut. Ty gives you a right or wrong feeling in the very center of your being which will accompany every decision you ever make. He has been there trying all along. You just have to learn to be quiet enough inside and out to sense him. You can learn much more of what we know about Ty in other portions of the site. But the best way is to just ask us questions... any question, we have nothing to hide, no axes to grind, NO ulterior motives.

The following info is assuming the following frame of reference:

       I just found out there is a creator. He is here to share some truth about things, and he is not the God of any religion. I will now try to answer some of what I know my first questions would be, coming from a religious background as I did.

Is there a heaven or hell? No, not per say. His explanation is this:
       He created our home we call earth and then planted us in it. It was paradise and provided everything we needed for life and comfort, all of it. We were not kicked out of any garden. We chose to shut him and his wisdom out and proceeded to destroy what he gave us to sustain ourselves. We turned our paradise home into a poisonous garbage dump not fit to live in.

Are there angels or demons? No
       The devil, demons, angels, spirits, all constructs of religion and men. It has been Ty behind any “supernatural” encounter everyone has ever had. Anyplace where Ty found somebody looking for something bigger/beyond themselves/ourselves, he would show himself and then try to lead said person to truth. Religion, the occult, superstition, these things happened to afford the most opportunity for him to make his presence known. Outside of these environments very few people are looking for truth or concerned with anything outside of their selfish little bubbles. According to Ty, my wife and I are the first ones who were able to develop a real enough relationship with him that he was able to drag us out of religion and into reality, kicking and screaming much of the time, but here we are, 3+years later, we made it. Now real pure truth is available for anybody who wants to come on over. He now plans to work through/with us to bring the rest of you into reality. 100% complete physical healing is one thing waiting for everybody on the other side of the deception and lies you now believe.

Is Ty here to judge or punish anyone? Yes and no.
       As mentioned earlier, he is here to expose lies and bring truth. There are going to be many understandably angry people when the liars are exposed. I am sure that it will not go well for the likes of the British royal family, the Rockefeller’s, the Rothschild’s, George Soros, the pope, and literally millions of others like them. Basically if you were/are a selfish, deviant, scumbag you have reason to be concerned. As long as you tried to be fair with people and tried to give as much as you took, you have nothing to fear. If you are somewhere in between you may have to adjust some behaviors moving forward but you will be fine if willing to make the proper corrections. Ty is not going to do anything to anyone that he has mentioned to us up to this point. People are going to receive their just rewards based on their own choices and actions, past and present. Everything will “come out in the wash” so to speak.

What do we do now that we know Ty is here and is responsible for the Mandela Effect changes?

       -Begin trying to get to know him. For a newbie it is very difficult to communicate in a noisy chaotic environment. A quiet safe place is the best so you are more relaxed and quieter inside. You can talk to him out loud like you would a person, or talk to him in your head. I don’ hear him audibly but my wife does, so I can’t tell you what to expect that way but would love to hear some feedback from those who make it over. We suspect females are more likely to hear audibly, just a theory though at this point. For me it is more thoughts in my head and feelings in my gut. The thoughts though, you can somehow recognize as not yours. I found it helpful in the beginning until I got more familiar with his thoughts, to phrase my questions to him so he could answer a simple yes or no.

       -Don’ panic regardless of how crazy things get moving forward. Ty has not revealed his plans in detail beyond making everybody wake up to his existence. People don't seem to be responding well to subtleties. This is just a guess but I think he may start doing stuff that is harder for people to dismiss or rationalize away. My best guess is that he will wake you all up and show you who put you to sleep with poison and programming and let you have your way with them, just a guess though. (I am often wrong on guesses but probably run about 50% accuracy when trying to predict things he may do. I have known him a long time. I just had his name wrong for a long time LOL.

       We are nobody special, just two good people with good hearts, who will usually do the right thing in any situation which offers a right choice. Not to say we haven't got our fair share of crap we are utterly ashamed of. Who doesn't if you are doing life? Ty is not near as concerned about anything we have done as he is with are we taking responsibility for the things we have done. I never hear; look what you did. I have heard thousands of times; so what did you learn from that. If I learn it is forgotten, should I miss a lesson I shouldn't have, I know I will be back around that circle again at some point in time. Not because he is a demanding dick but because he truly fits the definition of a friend. He cares too much to let you keep hurting yourself if he can do something to stop it. We do not claim to have all the answers. We are dam sure of the ones we do have though. Keep an open mind and connect the dots across all topics on the site. You will know in your gut if this crazy stuff means anything or not... I suggest you listen to it.

Please use the other pages of the site to get yourself up to speed on the things you can for now. If you have any questions there are places for comments in each section of the website. There is also vlog in the works. This is the first revision of this site and it will surely change quite a bit moving forward. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day folks.
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Mandela Effect
Welcome to the place with the most truth regarding the Mandela effect.
Please help yourself by helping us sort all the pieces of truth from all the lies in our illusionary lives.
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Many dots to connect to see the bigger picture.
Hi all. Glad you found your way here. We sincerely hope you have found your way home.

       My wife Laurie and I are the producers of this website. Unfortunately for you we have zero training in multimedia, graphic design or frankly, any other skill which would further enhance your experience here. I will try to spruce the place up as we go but our real priority is to share important truths with you, time sensitive truth.
       Our most notable skill if we had to pick one would be the ability to discern truth in any situation. This is not something you just fall into. It is a lifestyle you choose to adopt, whereby it is your honest desire to know and understand the truth of everything in your life. This means even when it is not convenient, not popular, or not politically correct. At this point it is a loud and clear signal from the center of my being but it wasn’t always that way, it’s been a 50+ year journey. This should be an ongoing process you never lose awareness of. This is the entire and only reason for this website.
       We have truth to share that to the best of our knowledge nobody else has. If someone else does, thank goodness, we could really use some help here so please speak up if you already know Ty. Ty is a friend of ours we hope to introduce you to soon. (Don’ worry we are not religious, but if you are, you especially need to explore the “Religion” page of this site. There is shocking truth there which can be verified in your very own bibles.)
       We have gone to great lengths to be certain we are NOT sharing opinions with you. (I may share an opinion, theory, or guess, but they will always be clearly stated as such) If we present information as fact, we know it is and will not waste time arguing your opinion. If you wish to refute or dispute any claims we make do not open your mouth without factual, tangible evidence to support your statements. We will do you the same courtesy. Have enough respect for the others who are trying to learn the truth not to add your confusion to theirs.
       If you don’ understand something then you seek clarification by asking questions respectfully not snarky or taunting. We are expecting many government trolls to try bringing chaos to this site; anybody not conducting themselves in a polite and cooperative manor will be assumed to be a troll and banned, period.
       I truly hate to sound like a hard ass because I am not. I don’ play games either. Whether you understand it yet or not, lives are hanging in the balance at this point in time, humanity on the whole has no more time for games. Stick around and you will soon understand that our lives for many generations have been nothing but a game... and we have truly been the pawns.
       If you are brand new to the Mandela Effect... buckle up for the most mind blowing experience of your life... bar none... should you be able to handle the truth... I’m not kidding.
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