In 2013 there was a funeral for Nelson Mandela which was broadcast on international television. According to Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in 1994, serving until 1999. A symbol of global peacemaking, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. This event was puzzling to millions of people around the world.
                                                                                              will take you to the Wiki page which is supposed to be an accurate record of this event. The photo evidence on this page is clearly showing 6 people in the car JFK is shot in. Anybody who knows anything about the Kennedy assassination knows for a fact that there were only 4 people in the car. It is not an error on the Wiki page. Every documentary, news article, movie, or photo I could find as of Nov, 2016 depicts 6 people in the car, rather than the 4 people which is the correct historical fact.
       My first hand knowledge of this particular “Mandela Effect” was with a video I produced for my You Tube channel in August of this year. I downloaded a JFK documentary from the History Channel. I needed only a small segment for my video so I followed my typical procedure. In my project folder I saved the original and made a copy to move into my editor. In producing my video I snipped 1 minute of the car scene and used it in my video. At the end of production I had the original documentary, a one minute segment copy of the car scene, and my produced video with the 1 minute portion of car scene. Upon discovery of this Mandela Effect in October I checked my folder for the change but hoping to find what I call residual. (Residual is the odd occurrence where there remains a copy of a record the way it was before the majority of records changed)
       What I found was: the original documentary now had 6 people where there were 4 just 2 months earlier. The 1 minute clip was just gone. My video which had the one minute segment of car scene was completely gone. Not just the car scene, the whole video, and not just off my hard drive but off my You Tube channel as well.

       Yeah... try snapping your hat holder around that one.
The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a label which has been given to unexplained extraordinary events which have been happening

       About a year ago the “Mandela Effect” community took an exponential jump in size thanks largely to the Berenstein Bears. There are many millions of people in just North America alone, who grew up with Berenstein Bear books or have bought them for their children. All of a sudden last year everything “Berenstein-lei-an” was changed to Berenstein-AI-an.
       These changes did not happen with new products only, it happened to everything of every age. From old books and VHS tapes to DVD's and new TV shows. As unsettling and unbelievable as this seems, it is very easy to verify for yourself with a trip to the kids room, or the library (check for print date prior to last year) or the used book & movie store. Please do not take our word for anything. Trying to convince anyone of claims this unimaginable would be futile and is not our intent. We are merely trying to inform you of events you need to research so you can draw your own conclusions and perhaps come back with some helpful feedback or insight for us. We should all be working together to figure this out. Just don’ let it freak you out as you do your research and you reach the point where you have to accept the fact that this is really happening.
       We can assure you there are good plans, and a strategy in play which has a very good ending. Nine out of ten of you would not understand the explanation should we throw it out there before giving you some base knowledge to work with. For this reason we will carry on to current date, with the “facts as they are” portion of the Mandela Effect explanation.
Mandela Effect
Flat Earth
Ruling Elite
9 out of 10 of you will be able to identify items in your own home which have been affected by the...
1 - Deny that these well documented changes have even occurred.

2 - Actively attempt to destroy or cover up evidence, as well as distort facts and hide the truth with misinformation.

3 - Label the people who observe these changes with a psychotic condition which has just recently been invented in an attempt to cover up the Mandela Effect.
Yet for some inexplicable reason there is a very obvious and focused effort under way to...
How did the name “Mandela Effect” come to be?
The "Mandela Effect" is born.
       Not just the funeral itself, but his declared status as President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner in the nineties was quite unsettling for millions of people around the world. The reason this event was so alarming to this large group of people is the fact that they clearly remembered Nelson Mandela being reported to have died in prison in the 1980's. What is just as disturbing is the fact that all historical and public records up to 2013, agreed with the 1980's date of passing. Also nobody remembered him being president of South Africa.
       As this community of questioning people began to search for evidence to validate their memories... none could be found. Regardless of media format or physical composition, all records found including archived newspaper articles and documentaries have somehow been changed to support the 2013 death. Any evidence supporting the 1980's death in prison can no longer be found.
        Further investigation has uncovered a number of questionable cases were an overwhelming number of people have very clear recollections of previously reported deaths for people who seem to be alive and well today. There is strong evidence which supports multiple death dates for the following well known personalities: Gene Wilder, Betty white, and Billy Graham are just a few of over 30 such documented cases of the Mandela Effect.
       Some of these people in question pre-date the Mandela funeral but only came to light subsequent to investigation into the Mandela Effect. All the evidence would indicate that the Mandela Funeral was the first event of this type which made enough people start asking questions, that a small community was unwittingly birthed. Hence the name for the strange and unexplained occurrences around the world... “Mandela Effect.”
The "Mandela Effect" quickly grows.
       As this community of curious people investigated what was then aptly, referred to as the "Mandela Effect," another disturbing discovery was made. Inexplicable changes to the details of historic events and records are also being made. These occurrences of unexplained change were found to go far beyond the official date of death of a few celebrities.
       A good example for me to use because of my first hand experience with this one is the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963.
The "Mandela Effect" community... population explosion!
The "Mandela Effect"... touches everybody’s life today.
       A reminder before we fill you in on all of the discoveries made between the Berenstein Bears and today. This information and this website are for real. These are not "Conspiracy Theories" these are REAL events, well documented and happening daily worldwide. Again, don’ take our word for anything without researching and discovering the truth for yourself. That is the only way you will grasp the overall concept and gain full understanding of what is really going on under the umbrella of this thing called the “Mandela Effect”. Ok... fasten your seatbelts kids.
       The full scope of the unexplained changes around the world to date is staggering. There does not seem to be an area of our lives which the “Mandela Effect” has not touched. These changes are literal, physical changes happening to items regardless of place of use or storage. You very likely possess many of these items.
       They include, but are not limited to:
The most undeniable changes are to the geography of the earth itself. Australia is four times its original size and pushed right up against Papa New Guinea. Alaska is enormous now and it and Russian main land are nearly touching. Most notable has to be the missing Polar Ice Cap at the north pole, including the land mass which was under the ice. South America being 1000’s of miles out of place to the east as well as many other changes.
If that does not give you cause for pause then you are likely going to die at the hands of your deceivers very soon. I hate to be that blunt but it is just the cold hard truth of where we are in time. There are other areas and topics you will discover as you begin your own research. The last item of particular interest to us is the Holy Bible, specifically the King James Version.
       Of all the items out there experiencing these disturbing physical changes, the KJV bible seems to have been affected more so than any other item or book. On average if books contain changes the occurrences range from 1 to 20 times. The KJV (King James Version) bible however, has experienced literally thousands of these inexplicable changes to not only its text, but its structure. Completely new Intro’s, prologues, and even appendixes are showing up in bibles all over the world. Even entire pages of text vanishing completely from the page. Don’ forget folks that we are talking bibles of any age or condition. I have personally witnessed changes in bibles well over 100 years old. The scope of information which needs to be researched regarding the bible changes is overwhelming. The sheer volume is partly what prompted its own topic “religion” on this website.
       Whether a framework of religion is part of your belief system or not, it is imperative that you explore and understand the “religion” portion of this site. Much of the information which will appear in that section is crucial to being able to understand the bigger picture of what is really truly behind this thing called the ‘Mandela Effect.’
       At this point understanding the “when,” the “why” and the “what” behind the “who” are of secondary importance. Your believing and accepting that these changes are indeed occurring, is critical to your ability to move forward in truly understanding the Mandela Effect. For your convenience, I will post links to good resource material below to get you started. For reasons of impartiality I would rather have you use your trusted sources. A quick Google or You Tube search of “Mandela Effect” will give you enough leads to keep you busy for a month of Sundays.
       Remember... Do NOT freak out when you find these changed items in your home, car or bible. As I said in the beginning there is a master plan at play which in the end, you will be very pleased with as long as you are not a dirt bag. If you have a good heart you are good to go.
Mandela Effect
Most common INCORRECT explanations for the Mandela Effect
1 - Some type of Quantum computer technology being use against us by the "Ruling Elite."
      I have found NO evidence to suggest that computers could affect the changes being made to physical objects on peoples
      bookshelves, under their beds, or in their closets, such as is happening with Mandela Effect objects.

2 - D-Wave technology... This theory is just as absurd and just as non provable as number 1 above.

3 - Satanic or demonic forces. As unlikely as it is, this one is actually more plausible in many ways... but still incorrect.

      It is the all encompassing scope and the diverse range of materials and media formats which are being affected with these
      changes, that make it simpler to disprove the first two theories. This third theory can be disproved too, but requires a great
      deal more explanation. We will cover this more in depth on the "Religion" page of this site.
       It turns out we are created beings. The creator, who is not the god of any religion, is the one behind the Mandela Effect. His name is Ty. The About Ty and About Us portions of the site are where you will find the majority of what we know about him ourselves. Populating these two sections of the site will be ongoing, as you can see, the story is still playing out.
The truth about what/who is behind the Mandela Effect:
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it is undeniable that these changes and events are occurring as reported!
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