What you will need for the experiment:

Most cell phones have a good enough camera these days but for obvious reasons the higher quality of photo equipment you use the more accurate the experiments results will be.

(distance in miles X distance in miles) X 8 inches = your answer in inches. Divide by 12 to get feet.

Example: 60 x 60 = 3600 3600 x 8 = 28,800 inches 28,800 / 12 = 2400 feet.
In this example the horizon you are viewing is 60 miles across. The formula says you will see 2400 feet of curve across that distance. That is nearly half a mile.

Step 1:
    Find a location presenting a view similar to the graphic top and bottom of this page. You must be able to verify the distance across the horizon you are observing. The further the distance the better for the experiment.

Step 2:
    Take a good clear photo of the horizon you are viewing.
(remember you will need to know the distance across your view to calculate curve)

    Many of you will be able to skip the rest of the steps once you calculate the curve and have a good look with a different perspective. Some of you will still be convinced you see a curve. It is ok, it is mostly do to the same optical illusion which causes us to see a long hallway, road, or train track getting narrower the farther we look. We know in reality it is not narrowing but it sure does appear that way to our eyes. (The Laws of Perspective explain the reasons for this if you are curious about it)
Proceed to step 3 if you still believe you see a curve... or if you just want to further blow your mind for fun LOL

Step 3:
    Display photo on your large screen. The line of the horizon my be looking straighter to you by this point. Whether it is or isn't, putting the straight edge up to the screen will erase any lingering doubt you may have been trying to cling to.

Step 4:
    Pour yourself a stiff one or twist up a spliff... whichever will help you come to terms with what you can no longer deny. It is what it is, we have all been told the same lie consistently since birth... of course we were fooled. Don't beat yourself up too bad. It took me 50 years to figure it out LOL.
Flat Earth
Ruling Elite
Mandela Effect
       The earth is flat, that is a fact. We will not waste a great deal of time on this site arguing the point. You will find links in this section to some of the best resources I found for researching Flat earth. I would have nothing to add to the great work these people have already done and continue to keep current.

       I personally only proved flat earth to myself in the spring of this year, 2016. By the time I figured it out I found there was an entire community a long ways ahead of me. I didn't have to be so late to the party, may have even been able to host it had I listened to my wife a few years ago. As we drove through the country one day Laurie says to me out of the blue; “hon. I’ pretty sure Ty is telling me the earth is flat.” Now you have to understand that this kind of thing is not uncommon between us. Ty many times cannot tell me something because it is too far outside my currently accepted belief system on a given matter. I will analyze the info until I end up tossing it and assuming I didn't hear him right. Laurie on the other hand, is more familiar with his voice and just says what he tells her, most of the time, without analyzing it to death first. Many times he is able to tell us some pretty out there stuff through her this way. This time I missed it. This happens from time to time if I let my head get in the way when communicating with Ty. It is very important not to lose track of how your gut is feeling when communicating with Ty... or processing any information for that matter. Especially if you are making an important decision which will result in irreversible actions on your part... you better listen to your gut. Anywho I digress. It is our most reliable indicator of his opinion on a matter. A long history of both listening to my gut and not, has proven to me that his opinion is a valuable thing. Ty is our creator. He is not the god of any religion.
       Before you head off to do your own research on “Flat Earth” I would like to address one of the first questions many doubters ask. The question itself seems silly to me but never the less must be addressed.

Why would “they” lie about it being flat or not?
       First off: If you understood exactly who “they” are, you would understand why this is a silly question. You should familiarize yourself with who “they” are before researching Flat Earth. It will help things make sense to you much sooner. You can get a good base understanding of “them” on the “Ruling Elite” page of this site.
I will state only the primary reasons why. You will discover many more as you research.

       1 – As with nearly any mystery, it really isn't that mysterious once you begin to follow the money trail. On a vast, open, endless earth, regardless of shape, how many millions would you pay for a tiny piece of land? Why would you then choose to be extorted by government sanctioned theft in the form of taxes? Would you not just choose to go and occupy any one of many places to choose from for free? Why would you submit to subservience and slavery to any government? I can assure you our creator gave nobody title deed to any land. Much less the authority to tax anybody for the use of something they don't even own.
They convince you that land is limited and therefore priceless. You by the lie and proceed to slave and labor your life away trying to pay for something nobody had a right to charge you for. Often at the expense of your family, friends, and health.

       2 – They needed/wanted to hide the fact that we are in fact products of creation by intelligent design. How successful would they have been at getting filthy rich off of porn, guns, drugs, alcohol, child trafficking, had everybody been fully aware of the fact that there is for certain a creator? I can think of many people who would make some choices differently had they known they would be held accountable one day, me included.
       The fact is that some, like the people who deceived us all have done themselves irreversible harm. For the rest of us in general we are ok as long as we are willing to change some things moving forward as common sense and reason dictate.

       This is all the time I wish to spend on Flat Earth. It had to be covered because it is an integral part of the whole truth and an integral part of the whole deception. I have provided links to Flat Earth researchers whom I found to be very thorough, objective, and professional. They are some of the few you will find out there who understand true scientific experimentation and who are capable of critical thinking. These seem to be skills not many posses these days, but ones which are very important during days like these. Should you happen to posses these skills I think you will find the experiment outlined below Quite helpful. It sure kicked my ass into reality. LOL Hopefully it helps you too. If it does not, I would love to hear your explanation as to how this does not prove visually and conclusively that the Flat Earth.
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