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N.A.S.A. and all other space agencies across the world are a hoax, plain and simple. Evidence proving this fact abounds today.

       Anybody with a discerning eye and a desire to know the truth, that is stronger than your desire to prove your current beliefs correct, will easily find the truth of the matter. The biggest hurdle to cross, as with much of the truth, is acceptance of it, not recognition of it. Most people cannot handle the fact that they have been so duped for so long, they would rather believe the lies because it is more comfortable.

       As with Flat Earth, it is not my intent to convince you of the “NASA Hoax” but to point you to truth you need to be aware of. The NASA hoax is tied tightly to the Flat Earth hoax. Again, I will refer you to the people who I found to be the foremost authority on this matter. I must admit you may well find others just as well informed, I don’ know. As with Flat Earth, I proved the NASA hoax to myself (with help from Ty) before ever realizing there was a community of us, therefore I haven’t researched this aspect of the overall deception as intensely as I did many of the other lies we accept as truth in our day to day lives. I can tell you with 100% certainty that space programs across the board are trillion dollar leaks in the budget of every country which has one. These leaks drain directly into the pockets of the thugs who really control the governments and banks of the world. We have never been to space and never will. It does not even exist as portrayed by Hollywood and your criminal governments controlled by thieves and murderers and child molesters. Your GPS and TV are all ground based. Why would the airline industry still admittedly be using completely ground based technology for all of its guidance systems if satellites were an option? They wouldn’t.
       We won’t spend any more time on the “NASA Hoax” on this site. It is a big enough part of the overall deception that it had to be covered though. To fully understand the grand scope of the deception we are all under, the lies we all believe, you need to get your head around the truth of the “Flat Earth” and the “NASA hoax”. You won’t stand a chance of grasping the full truth if you can’t digest these two truths. Use the links provided to bring yourself up to speed on the subject or head out on your own. If you find and accept the truth we will see you soon. If you don't... well... we won’t. Sucks to be you moving forward because the world as you know it is going to become very unfamiliar to you, whether you accept or reject the truth will not change it, but it sure will affect your life in a major way in the very near future.

       Ty won't let them throw any "sucker punches" as it were. Ty's plan is to give everyone as much time to "wake up" as possible but the Elite may try to force his hand. They are very aware that he is here and they are doing what little they can to defend against him. This is evidenced most clearly by the information that is and isn't on the Elites corporate website's. They clearly have zero control over their own systems and servers. Another good example is Google Earth. Do you really think they would show you the land masses shifting about the way they are if they could hide it? Continents, countries & Ice Caps coming and going as they please is a “Mandela Effect” which cannot reasonably be rationalized away.
       If you are able to deny the "Mandela Effect" after being exposed to these facts... then you clearly need professional help. Cheers Folks.
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