The Ruling Elite
The “conspiracy theories” about criminal organizations and secret societies controlling the governments of the world are not theories.
       They are well documented facts. We have all accepted so many lies in our lives as truth, that the lives we beleive we are living are pure fantacy... mere illusion. This topic of all discussed on this site, concerning the Mandela Effect, would/will take longer to explain than everything else put together. The volumes of factual data to pour through is mind numbing. I guess at this late stage in the game you will just have to take our word for it or perhaps miss the boat. (pun intended) Perhaps a better option for you at this point would be to put down your pride. Why not assume it is possible you were tricked on at least 1 important detail of your beliefs, and see what we have to say? I suggest it would be very very prudent at this juncture in your life, to keep an open mind. I don't mean to be rude but with the volumes of data available on this subject I consider it irresponsible of any citizen of the world not to be up to speed on at least the biggies.
       Included on the "biggies" list would be the Illuminati, Free Masons, Builderburg group, Rothschild family, Rockefellers, the British royal family, George Soros, the Cabal, Knights Templar, the Vatican, the list is virtually endless.

       At this point in time you may as well be, and for all practical purposes are, living in the matrix as portrayed by Hollywood. Hollywood and the music industry, working in unison, is one of the most successfully used tools in "thier" arsenal of propaganda and programing methods. The "main stream" media, in particular the "news" sources, are the biggest offenders when it comes to planting and reinforcing many of the lies you currently believe. The people controlling the world hide much of the new technology, they hoard knowledge and share as little as possible with you and I. They have absolute control over all main stream media, the educational systems, banking systems, and control all corporations of any significance. Are you aware of the fact that, through subsiduaries and other legal tricks, the millions of seemingly independent businesses worldwide all boil back to about a dozen Corporations? Probably you, like I and most others, just never questioned it. Even if you did, who has the time to actually trace it all back? Thankfully people have.
        The lies we believe are so completely all encompassing that even the concept of free nations, governed by the citizens thereof, acting independently is a complete and utter farse. You can literally count on the fingers of one hand the number of countries left in the world NOT under “their” control via the central banking system which they control. The few remaining are being targeted as we speak. North Korea is about to be the next victim. Libya,Iraq, and Serria, are some of their latest victims. The plan of the “Ruling Elite” which is currently being executed was developed hundreds of years ago and has been skillfully acted out from then to current date. What is the end game you ask?
       To have the means and physical capability to enslave every human being on earth. We unfortunately are now at that point where they are ready to pull the pin on this “free speech” “free thought” “free movement” “free choice” crap they have had to endure from us “useless eaters” as they call us. I personally watched them install the RFID tracking system at all the major intersections of Edmonton, Alberta from May through Sept 2016. It happened fast and mostly at night. I was able to find out what the devices were, but not from the city. They deny they are RFID trackers and refuse to provide any information after repeated requests.
        It is very likely you have the tracking units installed in your city too. I can supply pics so you know what to look for if you are interested. Most people have been lulled into thinking micro chipping humans will be a process, if they even think about it, or believe it at all. That is not at all the plan. If allowed to carry through they will hit us hard and fast, my gut tells me we will all go from believing all the lies, to chipped or dead within a 24 - 72 hour period worldwide. They themselves will be happy to explain all the lies at that point. I assure you they will because they will feel the need to show you how clever they were... and how stupid you were. That is the sick type of mindset we are up against. Should thier plan come to fruition there are only two reasons for which they may keep you alive through the transition. (alive but chipped) Those two reasons will be labor slave, sex slave, or both.

       Thankfully there plan is not going to go as expected, at least not completely. The core truth of the “Mandela Effect” is that the creator of our world is here to offer a life line to all who will accept it. Don't worry; he is not the stuffy ass god of any religion. You can't help but love this dude once you get to know him. He has an amazing sense of humor and would rather crack a joke than correct you. But he is smart, wise, fair, and a realist. If you need correction he will correct you. He wants to be your friend for real, based on a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. He has no interest in being worshiped or viewed as a deity, savior or god. He doesn’t have a “religious” bone in his body. I had many in mine... it has been a 3+ year process for him to pluck them out of me lol.
       I honestly do not completely understand his plan yet beyond waking everybody up to the fact that there reality is all based on fiction. I don't know for sure what will happen to those who refuse to acknowledge reality and accept truth. I can’t imagine why anybody wouldn't but some surely won't. We are all very poisoned and very programmed. I know he will be offering complete physical healing to go along with the acceptance of the truth. How and when exactly this will happen for the rest of you, I am not sure either. Laurie and I have already been healed.

       I honestly thought the religious community would get their proverbial poop in a group and get something organized. They are so close to the truth and yet so far away. I showed leaders at many churches that their own personal bibles had been destroyed as they laid on a nightstand or bookshelf. Thousands of supernatural changes, doctrinal destroying changes have happened to their books. Would you believe not one of them has been in contact seeking more information? Crazy eh? To most of them I believe they believe I am demon possessed... and they are still watching and waiting for "a Great deception" to be come upon the world. LMAO They/we have been living it our entire lives and we are not the first generation. Nuts I tell ya.
       This is just a guess but I suspect once everybody has had a chance to accept or reject the truth that Ty will leave the losers here under the dome in the poison world they created, love, adore, and remain committed to. The rest of us are likely going to find ourselves on the other side of the dome with the rest of the never ending, unpolluted world stretching away forever in every direction. This poisonous bit of history we leave behind can be capped off and left as a tiny dot of stupidity dead center of our flat map... A constant reminder for all future generations of our less than stellar start. A constant incentive not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than heaven and hell when you really think about it... well doesn't it?
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